Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Close up of going back in time collage---time piece was my mothers.Project made me think of my Mom, her Sisters and my Grandmother and Great Grandmother and the lives they lived in regards to the times they lived in.
more details and close up
close up view of folk art collage
I did some colleges after looking at the book "Taking Flight)
The one on left "Apples anyone?" I incorporated a folk art of a girl using foreshortening drawing.  I used papers,paints and clay embellishment
The one on right  "Going back in time)I To make the attire I used premol clay ,paint,stain, mica flakes and crystals. The backgrd is,paint stain,metaliics.fabric painted face, and heirloom embellishments

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life is a journey

transfer class workshop Petaluma  collage made out of various papers and transfered photo

adorment from scraps ,face a mold

Petaluma workshop led by JoAnna Pierotti- I made a pendant using miscellaneous fibers,metal, feather,bead and pearls. Face mold and cloth flowers are painted and covered with  clear gloss glaze to give a porcelain look

santos taking on a new look a female saint

the santos  figure construction which I learned in Dee Foust class  has said no no I do not want glitz and stars, a  halo, wings or anything like that-she took on her new life today so to speak. Skirted and head dressed  with a vintage collar,  Inside her cage she will have the words"fill your Soul--be full of hopes and dreams,see with your eyes and feel with your heart

Friday, October 14, 2011

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Art is U Petaluma CA 9/2011 Workshop learning

The recent photos are of artwork projects and techniques I was introduced to by wonderful mentors at the Art is U west coast conference.