Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sunday, November 13, 2016

2016 November  7th year anniversary of my blog--I decided to bring the 2 thoughts of mine below posted previosly to this date and repeat them again for all who are new to my blog.  My purposes have not changed but my degree of exploration and understanding of art and creativity have expanded and widened. The rainbow of artist peers, friends and mentors so too have grown and have given me great joy and confidence. Thanks to all!

more worth repeating

I have been inspired to think about other's blogs and to visit those of some of my artistic peers and explore the offerings and purpose of them.
I was thinking about my own blog. Five years ago  in 2009, I started this blog being encouraged by others I knew from an Internet art group who had started to do so. For me, then it was a learning experience in blogging. 

 I am not a "working artist" by that I mean one who sells, teaches or enters art shows but rather one that creates for the pure enjoyment and self-expression of feelings along with the thirst to explore, learn and conquer new creative outlets with a variety of mentors. 

During the past 5 years I used this blog for my self-reference guide as to what I was learning, doing and enjoying with life and creativity.

Now I have another purpose for this blog perhaps the best!
 It is to inspire and showcase and teach to my grandchildren and all the generations that follow to live their lives to the fullest. I wish them to know the soul and passion of their Grandmother who studied to be a nurse, stayed home to raise a family, reentered nursing part time when her children were in their teens and then retired at age 62 from a  profession chosen in her early years of life. Nursing and being a wife and mother was.  directed at nurturing others. After those years, your Grandmother  began to nurture herself and continued to learn and grow and enjoy life . At age 74 one starts to think about the legacy and learning one shares with the World hence I hope this blog will  give insight to their Grandmother and her purpose and pursuit for a life of full living  and give insight into knowing everyone is unique and special and lives their life in their own special meaningful way to other and themselves. I have learned watching my children and grandchildren grow and mature I hope they have and will learn from me as well. This is the purpose of this entry 2014.

thoughts worth repeating


Saturday, November 5, 2016

thinking about creativity in my life--It is how I express myself. Life is a major part of my inspiration. Creativity gives me a sense of well being. It helps me solve problems and make decisions and choices. It gives me energy, self knowledge. It gives me discovery ,fullfillment and balance and confidence in myself . It has given me a connection with other creative people. When I create I am honoring my source of creative ideas.-this is how I think of my creativity and how heavily it engages my life  Just took time to spend some time each day to do some artwork for the past 40 days. It is remarkable how much creativity you can release if you just start.

Friday, November 4, 2016

this is an older sister of my mother (I posted her earlier) She never married but would have loved being so . Back ground distress paint,acrylic paint with glaze trees and woman, distress ink pad around edges. paste on message on tree.