Monday, September 29, 2014

a time well spent!

Sept-Oct is usually a time over tne past 5 years when I attend an art retreat which I always look forward to, enjoy and profit from. This year, however, after thinking about the cost entailed (airfair,hotel room,retreat enrollment and art classes).
 I decided to spend some of the money saved by buying art supplies, exploring books and enrolling in a few new internet courses which would introduce me to using new supplies and techniques
 I also opted to try some of my own ideas using my art supplies (doing my own thing) which made me feel wonderful and acomplished.
 I decided to spend the August/Sept/Oct taking inventory of my supplies and artwork, finish up past projects, organize such and see what I really had in the spare bedroom -art supply room.
I started  a journal listing of all the materials I had and what they are used for along with sample sheets. I also listed all the mentors, teachers, and peers art has brought to me. I have a sheet with the areas of creativity I have engaged in. I have a listing of art groups and internet classes  I am or have been a member of . I have listed art museums I have visited and sites of inspiration.
Buying new supplies and visiting art stores have inspired me just like the retreats did. I found community within the art stores the sales people and the other buyers-sharing of ideas like at a retreat.
Spending some time each day for the past 60 days in contact and engagement in my "art and creativity" has led me to new growth and inspiration.
 I still use my kitchen as my art studio but after the past days organization and thought I have clarity in finding and understanding in using my art supplies.
 I am sharing my experience of this time well spent with you and wondering if you would like or need to do this too.  I think, for me, as a not for profit artist but one who does it for joy and mediation and learning what I did was most helpful and renewing.

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