Friday, June 21, 2013

new days

enthralled with the blessing of a new day
I have been feeling the blessings of new days, simplicity and growth --watercolor pencil expression of
finding sacredness in the garden

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Spring weather has been cold and full of rain. I have been doing artwork when I can not be gardening or on the golf course...making lemonade out of lemons  I have added about 5 pages to my blog you will need to keep scrolling down  and go to about 5 older posts to see it all.
Some artist have a gallery with wine and cheese --I guess this blog is my gallery party--inviting you to see my work:)
learning techniques and drawing-  becoming an artist is a matter of practice; it has been said an artist learns the most from the art she is not satisfied with..  sharing my journey

pencil sketches an artist learns the most from the art she does in learning


more watercolor fun

acrylic and gell etc play

colored pencil and watercolor pencil gals

here are some more wateercolor,colored pencil acrylic work I have done this Spring

 texture art
wonder if this would qualify for a place in "My Studio " or "Where Woman Create" magazines. It would be so delightful to have a studio-anyone want to donate one :)

  • gester sketching and water colors  guess who!

playing with watercolors

remembering- playing with acrylics         Hubby and I on one of our first dates in the park

exploration and fun with new pages and old art--I love Henri Matisse 's "head of a woman" and  the manner in which he used   paper cutting and colors not being used other paints of his time.
I chose matellics and glossy shinning arcylics for this portrait alteration
mixed media painting
a watercolor with sparkle

collage and doodle art piece


2013 has found me pursueing creativity with paper, pencils, paints and mixed media tools.
I have been self learning via books, videos, exploration of products.
In May I joined a group of artist (1100+) doing workshops provided by 31 Secrets 2013.
Here is some of the art work I have done the past 4 months.