Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have been exploring watercolors, color pencils, watercolor pencil and art studies of portraits and working on techniques in all-so I have not posted for a while -when I complete these studies I will do some image posting. I did join the Flag project and here is my flag hanging in my garden

3 new dolls

 Miss Running Wild was inspired by my seeing a vintage poster show-the artwork of the poster is in the colors rather than in detailed art drawing
Also many featured naugthy angel looking women hense my interperation of one. She is cloth and clay
The other doll is depicts my love of flower gardening and the joy, peace and gratitude I feel
when I look to the Heavens and praise the maker. She is made from a table leg and final and paperclay.  Both were done in blue,aqua , pale peach and a hint of yellow.