Thursday, October 23, 2014

Been busy studying another " masters class" I am posting some of my work done so far this month. I like to do this for myself as a "visual art autobio" It shows me where I am, where I've been and the changes I am making along the way. the arist are Brett Whitely, Vincent Van Gogh, Max Beckman and Pablo Picasso

Friday, October 10, 2014

as I created this background a little child holding an umbrella appeared -amazing what imagery can be discovered in art-just as looking at clouds
2 pages in journal mixed media

face body umbrella close up

"looking through the mist at a child with umbrella"

mixed medium up close

More experimentation with mixed medium

Experimention and learning

took a 10 minute video course from Jane Davenport about usage of Dye-Na-Flow paints and Neon stamp ink by Hero Arts. Here is what I did with some of these and other supplies. It is fun to take out old supplies and test new ones...with anything always some thing new is occurring :)
 page 1 Minimal art "the follies" (thinking of poster art--
page 2 Maximal art " Bonsai trees and scissor " thinking of the density of forests and the trees and  then the alteration of a tree by artist

Monday, October 6, 2014

Beginning a new Internet Art Course -"Studying under the Masters" Our first study is Gogh.
We learn so much about his process as an artist and his inner thoughts through the letters he wrote to his brother. Here is my example and study---It has been a wonderful opportunity to be an "apprentice" to the early Masters-they have filled my head with many new ideas and references to use in my art.