Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm back and learning to do more postings

I can hardly believe I have been absent so long from my blog page.
Art wise I have done some textile design, mosaic art, and I am now attempting to do some cloth and clay art dolls. This past Fall I was at the MM&M2010 and did a workshop which retooled my embrodiery skills where I did an art doll protrait face with needle and thread. I also felted part of the doll. I learned to work with paperclay and took classes from Susie McMahon. I joined the ning site of Cloth and paper clay.
Curently I am working on the sites primative doll. I am learning how to handle the paperclay better and play with it to see what it can do. I also am getting a better handle on painting art dolls with acrylics-learning what the paint will and will not due. I still prefer watercolor and pastels and needlesculping.
I have been doing more of my own patterning for my art dolls. I find designing them yourself gives you more freedom to be creative. I also find I like resourcing for materials for my art dolls away from stores. This is fun and lets your imagination soar.
 I also did a quilted handbag as an adventure in quilting. I have a few submissions into Prims and Art Doll Quarterly but have not heard from them as yet.

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