Wednesday, August 3, 2011

little "Flower Child"

We are having an unbearable summer weather wise here in WI. Heat and Humidity is very high making it impossible to be outside and enjoy summer recreation. I have made lemonade from lemons in this situation. Staying indoors has got my creative juices flowing. I took a class at the Internet site "Artful Gatherings, looked at some art books, mags and spoke to other creative beings and I am  into my art once again. Little flower child is a Whimsical creature made during my Internet class with Christy Meyers. She is made with a base of Styrofoam covered with creative  paperclay, painted, stained and varnished. I have recycled jewelry and netting to give her her own individuality. This technique was new to me and as I looked at her smiling back at me she mimicked my thoughts "Mistakes are doorways to discovery." May all your mistakes bring aha moments and smiles.

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  1. Hi Darla:
    I have found you and am following you! I will check in on you my friend. Keep the whimsies coming. . .(((hugs))) ~Judy