Saturday, November 8, 2014

last master studies in SUTM internet course (season 2)
Frida Kahlo my way- "Frida living with pain" What hardships life gave Frida !
 The multiply ways she lived her life to overcome her pain give me so much "food for thought" especially after reading her life story. 
I have tried to use her techniques and Jane's prompts in this depiction -
 I used as Frida did, Painting symbolism- skeletons in bkgd (her life and living was formulated by her skeleton system) her body small (health and accidents depleted her body) large head and face( without tears in coping with her pain she used drama, color and self expression through her painting as her coping mechanism .) 
There is a "banderole " across her dress "living with pain" and her heart is on her sleeve.
 (materials used journal page, Tombow watercolor pens, transparent watercolors, and stamp and ink)

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