Sunday, October 18, 2015

I had a TKR in May and haven't done any artwork since. Now having my new knee and energy I once again started an art project now (Oct 2015)  Our city had an out calling for non carved pumpkins to be on display at our library and commnity center. Here is mine:  (If you want to paint on a real pumpkin -seal the surface first with a sealent spray or the paint will not adhere) I painted the surface white,then added acrylic inks, then distress ink,,stenciled stars with pearlblue a ink, used images off the compueter of witches and a sign and adhered them with matte medium. I tied various ribbon around stem (left natural). I placed the pumpin on a charger (black purple) plate and covered it with a film

y strip of material.   HAPPY HALLOWEEN 111111111111111111111

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